Future proof your business or livelihood with my knowledge curated over almost two decades – with information that the internet basically hides from the common man – knowledge that I used to build myself and my businesses (some public and some private) without capital or contacts coming from a non-business army family, from below zero.

This is knowledge of geopolitics, what’s gonna be done to the world next, astrology (not an astrologer), big tech, waves of consciousness that humanity is going to go through over the next decade, war, famine, disasters, censorship, surveillance, digitisation of the human Being, consumer behaviour of different nationalities, individual behavioural economics, my own personal observatory perspective that over five hundred thousand people believe in, and more.

To add to this I am a Scholar from the London School of Economics in Strategy Consulting and Corporate Finance, dual Masters degree holder, CEMS MIM Merit Scholarship holder.

I have worked with EY in their high-performance Strategy Consulting niche practice – based out of London and Dublin offices – across Western Europe with clients whose turnover is bigger than the GDP of many countries.

If you want to have a conversation with me, you can book my time in advance, it will be expensive, but cheaper than the mistakes you might make otherwise.

A minimum of 2 hours is needed to be booked, to dissect your idea to a certain depth. And then you can add more hours if you find it worthwhile. If within 30 mins of our session you do not like my energy, take a refund on the spot. I will do the same in case your idea is beyond my scope of being able to help you.

Email 1.who you are with 2.your contact details, 3.what idea or industry you want to discuss and you want to use my time.