Coaching is available in Hindi and English.

Coaching is available in 3 formats – Coaching Call, Group Mentorship, and Personal Coaching.

Coaching Call is in Audio or Video format and is conducted over Skype.
For clients wanting a regular relationship with Sirhud, coaching calls work on a Talktime basis, similar to prepaid mobile phone plans.
For example you can buy 6 sessions which equals 6 X 60 minutes = 360 minutes.
Now it is between you and Sirhud how you use this balance of 360 minutes, as some calls could be short and others longer, based on the subject matter being discussed.

Group mentorship is conducted in a batch of 4 people over a duration of 4 weeks, with one Skype video call happening every weekend for 60-90 minutes. You will be allotted to a Hindi or English batch based on your selection. This is best for those who don’t have an urgent problem, but want to be under Sirhud’s mentorship, to learn about problems men face at different times of their life, which help in being aware and prepared before the issues arise in your life.

Beyond Coaching sessions are had in person with Sirhud, and you will need to dedicate one day to it. No technology, not in public, in a setting which allows for concentration and immersion. Which means anywhere between 4-6 hours of intensive coaching. Here Sirhud shares material which is not worth broadcasting on the internet. Check booking section below for further details.

Once payment is completed, Skype details to connect with Sirhud are sent to you. Then you can mutually decide a date and time with him.

Coaching Calls
Cost is 5000 INR for 60 minutes.
First calls with Sirhud go over 60 minutes usually, and are normally two hours long.
We recommend starting off with a 2 hour balance. If unused the minutes can be used later or refunded if one full hour isn’t used.
This call will be scheduled for 3-7 days from the date of payment, as there is always a queue of clients.
If your problem is of an urgent nature, and you want a call within 24 hours, there is a charge of 8000/- per hour (max 2 hours) for an urgent call.
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Group Mentorship
Cost is 3000 INR per session, for 4 sessions equalling 12,000 INR.
You will select your preferred language and then wait to be allotted to a batch, which can take 2-4 weeks. Once a batch is formed a group chat will be opened on skype where timings and other details are discussed within the group.
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Beyond Coaching
Costs 1,00,000 INR per day.
Clients bear the hospitality expenses such as stay and travel. This doesn’t apply if you fly to where Sirhud is. Technology not allowed. Material will be shared which Sirhud himself is applying in his own life currently – eons ahead of what he shares on the internet. Max time spent together per day will be 4 hours. There will be a screening interview beforehand to check your preparedness for handling this material. To explore the radical possibilities this coaching can open up for your life you can use this same call to discuss.
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Your problem might be a common one, and already discussed with another client before. Check this list to see if your issue is already answered, or to get a taste of coaching experience with SK.


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