Personal Coaching Call is in Audio or Video format and is conducted over a Skype call. This is the most commonly used option which Sirhud’s clients use to discuss any personal matter. 

For clients wanting a regular relationship with Sirhud, coaching calls work on a Talktime basis, similar to prepaid mobile phone plans.

For example you can buy 6 sessions which equals 6 X 60 minutes = 360 minutes.

Now it is between you and Sirhud how you use this balance of 360 minutes, as some calls could be short and others longer, based on the subject matter being discussed.

Once payment is completed, instructions to connect with Sirhud are sent to you on email. Then you can mutually decide a date and time with him.

Cost is GBP 50 / INR 5000 for 60 minutes.

First calls with Sirhud go over 60 minutes usually, and are normally two hours long.

We recommend starting off with a 2 hour balance. If unused the minutes can be used later or refunded if one full hour isn’t used.

This call will be scheduled for 3-7 days from the date of payment, as there is always a queue of clients.

If your problem is of an urgent nature, and you want a call within 24 hours, there is a charge of GBP 80 / INR 8000/-per hour (max 2 hours) for an urgent call.

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(for men and women)

Beyond Coaching is about what you need to know, not what you want to know.

What you want to know is limited by where you are, who you were born to, where you grew up, what you think is cool, what you think is not desirable, what you consume, what according to you is ideal, etc. It limits the scope of your growth, because your entire thinking architecture is based on just your understanding and exposure of life up until now.

However, you are nothing. And most of life’s truth is almost always outside the scope of our personal architecture.

In this, I will share and explain things which will destroy everything you ever knew up until now, so please come only if you are willing to go through that pain. The nature of truth is bitter, and it almost always brings darkness first, which hurts or makes us afraid and we are alone there. But that is because truth radically shifts our focus, it brings our attention to where we never brought it before. The good thing is, after going though the darkness, we realise this was the only place that had the potential to give us what we truly want. Most people don’t have their attention under their control, it is almost always stolen or distracted, and that is why even after achieving goals people don’t get the satisfaction they’re looking for from the fruits of achieving that goal.

Beyond Coaching sessions are only held in-person with me.

No technology, no recording, not in public.

Here I share material which I will never broadcast on the internet, material which I personally use and apply in my life currently – eons ahead of whatever I share publicly. The best of what I know, from the best areas of my expertise and experience. This is the coaching which my private clients have used to get whatever they want in life, get bored of it, and then come to know their true selves and live according to that with ease in life.

Previous clients have used my knowledge from these fields

Economics, Esoterica, Finance, Technology, Geopolitics, Anthropology, Masculinity, Femininity, Sexuality and Sexual Performance, Human Behaviour, Attraction Dynamics, Female Psychology, Physiognomy, Body Language, Physiology, Philosophy, Astrology (not as an astrologer), What you put in your body (in every sense), Language, Strategy (corporate / reproductive / individual / social, etc.), Vedic Sciences, Theology, Mythology, Time, Light, Sound, Health and Fitness, Ageing, Metaphysical Practices, Collective Consciousness, Symbolism, Genetics, Astronomy and more

to achieve these outcomes

  • Predicting human behaviour and thinking patterns
  • Mastering sexuality and pleasure principles
  • Safeguarding their lives, plan immigration and businesses
  • financial investments
  • understanding the future of humanity
  • understanding energetics/manifesting and electromagnetism
  • protecting personal heartspace & mindspace
  • understanding oneself at layers one did not know existed within them
  • understanding  karmic & reincarnation traps
  • and more


Costs GBP 1111  / INR 1,11,111  per day, no more than 6 hours of coaching per day, in two portions. Clients bear the hospitality expenses such as stay and travel. This doesn’t apply if you fly to where Sirhud is. Up to you how many days you want. Regular clients usually do 3-5 days every year.

Once payment is completed, Skype details to connect with Sirhud are sent to you. Then you can mutually decide a date and time with him. For overseas visits visa time will need to be factored in. Currently booked out for 2024 with regards to overseas visits (if you are in Schengen or UK then you can still apply)

There might be a screening interview beforehand to check your preparedness for handling this material. Please note I don’t accept all applications.

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(for men and women)

This isn’t really ‘coaching’ – this is a conversation to understand what you are made up of – what are the constituents that make up your life energy.

I have spent over 5000 hours by now studying Astrology, to understand myself, after I went through incidents which a human doesn’t normally survive. I had to find out why I am still alive, as it didn’t make sense. It is the one subject that brought together every other subject I have ever studied (you can find that list in Beyond Coaching above), and compounded my understanding of all those subjects, giving a base of understanding to see how all those subjects fit together in time and space – which is the basis of our existence.

I have found it to be one of the most useful tools to see what we cannot see, to see what syllabus we were sent on earth to learn as an individual, to see where our blind spots are. This is a subject that I found useful to understand our soul’s architecture and why we suffer the way we suffer/events we suffered and how to prevent further self-created suffering.

I am not an astrologer – I am not interested in predictions or fortune telling – I study the subject for it’s true name – Jyotish – which means the light that guides/connects you to God – hence it is the map of the soul – understanding which enables us to dissolve the boundaries (sirhud’s) of separation within us – and achieve oneness with every aspect of our being – from the angry version of you to the sad to the sexual to the heartbroken etc.

The way I lead this conversation is based on storytelling – as that is the way we as humans learn best – based on your personal birth details. There is always a moral in the story – which will apply to us in our own unique way – which is what I help you understand. Unfortunately most of us are reading the wrong stories – when the one for us is encoded within us.

How am I different from an Astrologer?

Because this is a field that is unknown to people – and surrounded by superstition and mysticism – in recent times most people claiming to be astrologers have basically sold fear. Jyotish is the ‘eye of the veda’ – it is meant to liberate you – not scare you – it exists to show you the light and truth within yourself. Hence even though I would like to become an astrologer, and someday might as I am Sirhud, I might never help people ‘as an astrologer’ – because my aim with this divine science would be to help people get qualitative understanding of their own innate qualities, rather than deciding a colour of a car or a date for marriage etc. Which are great applications of the subject, if done sincerely, but not of my interest (as the lasting of your sincerity through time, will always remain an unknown test).

My interest lies not even in predicting my own life, but in understanding these energies, which are way bigger than one human being. All the planets are basically different forms of consciousness – and rather than focussing on just mine – I am studying this subject at levels of depth which I hope ultimately merge me with these energies. That level of understanding / approach to this subject – can even change the fate of your own life, as once you understand consciousness properly, and the set you were born with, you are able to play with it and design it’s course – which is why understanding your own energetics – is useful to go more on the side of free will – rather than remain trapped by fate.

This is another reason I don’t like predicting – as predicting is based on what is fated – and that assumes a human’s scope as limited. I like programming, as anyone who is focussed on self-evolution, has tasted creating their own life to some degree, and I like to use this subject to become more of a co-creator of life, rather than a robot living out a pre-destined sequence.

Price is GBP 66 /  INR 6666 per hour. All proceeds from sales of this coaching would go towards finding, travelling to, and learning from a Guru – for me to go deeper into this world with their blessings, as till now I have self taught myself.  Minimum 2 hours for first call. After that can do one hour follow ups at your own pace.

Please mention your accurate birth time in order notes section on the next page while booking your call. I will take time to study you before I get on call with you – so please allow time for that.

I do not prescribe remedies / prayers / gemstones etc. I will guide you on being your own instrument – none of that is needed.

If you don’t have correct birth details I cannot help you, you can consult an astrologer that knows how to do birth time rectification.

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Unspoken Female Truths / Everything about Women

Out of all the subjects I speak about, the one which men applied the most (naturally so) as well as the one that gave me the most recognition (because what they applied actually worked) – was my advice on dating dynamics, feminine psychology, spirit of femininity, sexual economics, reproductive and social behaviour, what makes a man attractive, etc.

While I wish men put equal effort in all other domains of a man’s growth, the Darwinian drive of survival and reproduction is too deeply encoded into our genes – and fucking is what most people’s most actions actually boil down to – as their preferred end result – whether they are conscious about it or not. Even many women claiming to be feminists are doing it to enhance their chances at reproductive or social success, because their natural born traits might not be preferred or found attractive by society, hence some method to get noticed/attention is needed in order to prevent a complete lack of sexual strategy, and have some social significance, even if it is an ego facade. But I digress – Men want to be able to fuck more quantitatively (more partners) and fuck better qualitatively (more beautiful more cultured more feminine more ethnic variety of partners).

This is the subject from where my self improvement journey began, at the age of 14. This is the subject I spent studying the most in my life, applying it, perfecting it – to the point where I as a man got bored of women, that too in my twenties. They could be supermodels I don’t care. If you’re able to attract bombshells without needing to lift a finger it would obviously lose its appeal. Why that happened is because after enough social interaction and dating experience in my life across various geographies I understood how all of us are the same at core levels, and how ego is driving most of us – which is an absence of understanding our own true reality (along with an absence or wrong idea of love) – and many more factors, certain life experiences, etc – after which now I stay away from society – and relate with humans only at soul levels, regardless of man or woman or their attractiveness or status.

HOWEVER, the deepest level knowledge and learnings of attraction I gained over the years – I have never shared publicly, and never will. Because most don’t have the maturity to understand this with a healthy balance of awareness / spirituality / overall sense of oneness / respect for everyone, etc. Added to that is the fact that the internet is not censor free – and geopolitically engineered social culture will attack you for speaking truth, even if it is for everyone’s benefit. For example, a woman understanding her true nature and instincts, even if it comes from a man, will actually help her NOT make wrong decisions in life under a false set of ideas that she might not be aware were programmed into her via the internet, big tech, other females with their own shadows or ulterior motives, sponsored culture, etc. Same applies vice versa.

I am at a stage now where I wish more of my students can experience life beyond the feminine illusion. A female is the ultimate manifestation of Maya, in our perception as humans. Even a 50 year old married man with kids (think about your dad) will glance at a beautiful 18 year old if there happens to be one in the vicinity – he might not ‘act’ on it – but he notices via instinct as he cannot help himself – the pulling power of that Maya still exists and has power over him. This is what I want to obliterate now for my advanced clients (those who’ve done my courses and have been coaching with me for few years).

This is not to disrespect the feminine, in fact it is about true respect, because just the Darwinian drive is a power/conquer oriented drive and there’s nothing wrong with it. But this process allows you to recognise and adore the inner feminine within you, through you then she flows freely to merge with your masculine, and what happens next is not worth putting in words and is unique for everyone how it unfolds. I have experienced human relations, and relations with everything that is not human, at levels beyond our ideas of sex and love and belongingness etc, and would be happy to see others doing the same – because after that the ‘need’ to have another human being for approval or validation – which is an exceptionally strong case for men as most are sexually not successful / don’t have as much choice as they would like – that ‘need’ will disappear – and you will relate with Life at levels beyond any differences or separations – true yog or union.

I say this out of my deepest respect for the divine feminine – She was the precursor spark to my transformation beginning at 14 – and also She was the gateway to me losing my identity and discovering Awareness 14 years exactly after that. Now I wish to share what she has taught me.

This will be done from the most basic levels of biology, behaviour and sex, mentalism and psychology, to the higher levels of consciousness and spirituality, so that one day neither the Masculine nor the Feminine exist for you anymore. Leads to attraction without any effort, conscious leadership of any relationship, most centred frame one can have, and hopefully via these new ways of relating with women your masculinity will merge with universal femininity.

This will not be done with technology, only in person. This will not be done for someone who can pay for it, but someone who has the right attitude towards this as well has done a lot of work to come to this level of readiness.

Price will be 666 GBP / INR 66,666 per day. Same T&C’s apply as in Beyond Coaching. No technology allowed.

It is up to you how many days you want to do this – on average takes 3-4 days or the first time – clients then take follow up sessions later based on how their growth/ascension is progressing.

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