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Lot of you have requested for me to share my music taste with you over the years. Here are some of my curations that I am willing to make public – along with their feel and application.

These are on Spotify. Please keep crossfade on at 10 second setting to enjoy the flow for which they’ve been made.

The playlists which are in italics are the ones where I highly recommend reading the lyrics of the songs – which is easy to do on Spotify – if you truly want to understand the artist and their creation.

All playlists curations are priced at 111 INR.

Upon purchase you’ll get a private invite link to the playlist delivered to your email.

My playlists –

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My recommended Albums (free) – 

These are artists the stories of whom are phenomenal – if only we can understand them. This placement is an homage to those artists who’ve been incredibly influential in my life – because they’ve lived what I’ve lived and vice versa. Not everyone would have the same connect with them, and art isn’t supposed to be so anyway, but you can explore these in your own time. Please read the lyrics along with the song playing to understand the depths to which these artists have felt life.

The Life Of Pablo

Jesus Is King


Another continuous request from you all over the years has been to share my methods of training. As you’ve seen me transition from running to bodybuilding to powerlifting to yoga to metcon to multiple variable training – I could not have shared how this happened or why I do it like that until I had a space of my own. Now that SK is back, I will be making dedicated educational pieces on optimising human performance, as per my opinion. I am not a qualified fitness professional, nor is this medical advice. Just open-hearted sharing from someone who is passionate about continuous learning and for whom training was instrumental in shaping his destiny in life.

Live Community QnA

Live QnA – Fitness
(Sunday, 9th June 2024, 9pm)
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SK’s Workouts

Episode 1 – Buy Now 
INR 149 | Hindi – (46 mins)

Episode 2 – Buy Now 
INR 149 | Hindi – (61 mins)


Explosive Muscle Growth Tactics 
English | Hindi – INR 555 – (80 mins)

How I Design My Workouts
English | Hindi

Landmine Complex (Core)
English | Hindi

All Purpose Warmup Routine
English | Hindi

Warmup for Lower Back Pain

My Training Philosophy
English | Hindi

Advanced Workouts

Metcon 1

AI Lifestyle Problems

Hip Mobiliity Flow

Improve Deadlift
English | Hindi

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Supplements I personally use (not sponsored) 
INR 99 | Hindi – (60 mins) 

Now this is a category which is a personal favourite of mine, sartorial wear with a sprezzatura flair is what I am about. You’ve seen it on the gram, no need to play my own band.

A Timeless Way To Tailor Your Suit
English | Hindi

Dressing Details – How To Put An Outfit Together
English | Hindi

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We could all do with a little bit of Venus in our life. Comfort and Luxury aren’t supposed to be expensive, they’re supposed to be meaningful. Here I will share how I ‘slowly’ enjoy the pleasures of life.

How to make a drink for a Lady 
English | Hindi

Gentlemen and their Spirits – a military inspired guide on how to understand and enjoy Alcohol
English | Hindi

Books which aren’t from self improvement Crooks
English | Hindi

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How a Man understands Money, is how a Man understands his navigation in this Material world. Most of us do not know what money is, how to use it, or what was the original problem it was invented to solve. I am not a financial guru, nor am I rich by any means, but I will release the following series for my countrymen to understand the philosophical and utilitarian logic behind the problem of money. Make sure you understand this is not a ‘how to get rich’ product, rather an educational one aimed at changing your understanding.

Bitcoin ka Sach – A Series on Centuries
English | Hindi

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  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes AMG
  • BMW Motorrad
  • GWM
  • Apollo Tyres


  • Trufitt & Hill
  • Veuve Cliquot
  • Coach
  • Palladium Mumbai
  • The Ateliera


  • Louis Phillipe
  • Suit up
  • Zymrat
  • Modello Domani
  • Scotch & Soda


  • Kronenbourg
  • Signature


  • Nivea
  • Hivado
  • Mama Earth
  • QRAA
  • Nykaa Man
  • WOW Skin Science


  • Under Armour
  • Fitternity
  • Nutrabay
  • Ace Blend
  • MyProtein


  • Westin
  • Marriott
  • Park Hyatt
  • Oyo
  • DineOut


  • Hotstar
  • Raw Nature

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