This is a collection of Sirhud’s writings across time, and space, brought here in one place for those who just want to read from one space.

There are from old captions on instagram, where he originally used to express freely via writing, before the platform changed.

Some are transcripts from his old videos, and some are excerpts of his monologue or dialogue when in podcasts, or from his talks on Stage.

Everything on this website – where it matters – will be arranged according to Time.

Where it is intended, picture/s will accompany the writing.

Date – 24/04/2022

to know the subtle,
it’s actually heavy

Date – 25/04/2022

everyone is a Healer
the only qualification needed is
the ability to listen

apne zakhmo ko baar baar kharochne se,
zakhm bhar nahi jaata

Date – 27/04/2022

what good is a Guru,
who himself stops learning

Date – 28/04/2022

everyone’s mental dialogue
is a podcast in itself
yet we try our hardest
to tune it down

Date – 02/05/2022

neta aur abhineta
kabhi kisi ke nahi hote

Date – 03/05/2022

What if I say
the newest escape mechanism 
is spirituality

Date – 05/05/2022

woh aadmi hi kya
jo apne usool chhod de

Date – 07/05/2022

jeene ka koi sahi tareeka nahi hai

Date – 09/05/2022

apna sac bolne se darte hai sab
ki log judge karenge
fayda uthaayenge
jab ki unke bhi dil
Utne hi naazuk hai

Date – 24/05/2022

more than crypto, invest in water

Date – 30/05/2022

If you love someone
You should love whatever they love
More than you love them
And not try to get them to love
You or what you love

Date – 07/06/2022

The updates to instagram should show you
How much they’re doing to shorten
Peoples attention spans
Dhyan is the resource
for the new age

Date – 14/06/2022

Samay sabko jhukaata hai
Paiso sabko rukaata hai

Date – 30/06/2022

Hope and Doubt
are both beliefs in something that does not exist
and are the greatest deceivers

20 Lac Paintjob

20 LAC PAINTJOB – Whatever you do, make sure you do it with a difference. The guy who bought this Ferrari actually got them to create a new paint colour for them. He ignored over 40 shades of blue that he could pick from, and created his own shade.

And yes it cost him 20 lacs just for that. Not just that, he’s spent over a Crore modifying this car inside out to suit his personality. While some may think that’s stupid, to me that guy earned my respect. I’ll tell you why..
Venturing into any domain in life, it has these unspoken rules and playbook, that people will tell you to abide by. Screw that to be honest. Bend the rules adapt the game to who you are, fuck social conditioning.
People tell me to change the way I make videos, change the way I talk about women, change this change that. That is society, your friends, your family. Even your best well-wishers cannot see you rising up sometimes, especially rising higher than them. So they tell you to play it safe, to fit the mould, but that is a sure fire way that you’ll get camouflaged into mediocrity.
They don’t care about what your true intent is, they don’t care that you don’t mean anyone any harm, but just want to do better for yourself. They only care about how you make them look. They only care about how people will compare them to you. Because maybe you went to the same school, same Uni, worked at the same company. But now you’re wanting to kick ass in life, while they are still sleeping on their dreams.
You have your own flair, which is your form of expression. Apply it. Use it. Be it at work or be it in social interactions. That’s the one original thing you were born with. Whether you have a sick wicked sense of humour, or a habit of doing things differently rather than the way you’ve been told to, continue your thing. Remain socially savvy, because after all we live in a society with these other Apes, but push all these unspoken boundaries. Because they are not laws, it’s just that no one else has done it before like this.
Hundreds of red Ferrari’s in Bombay, but this will turn heads the most…have people ever tried to stop you from becoming greater? Friends family girlfriend?

Fuck with me you know I’ve got it

Fuck with me you know I’ve got it… boyish rant coming up cause I feel like ‘stuntin’
First career dream – salary for my first job to be more than my dads highest ever salary – achieved it.
Quit the job.

Second dream – become so indispensable that companies fight over me, special permissions taken from foreign governments to hire me, motherfucker achieved it.
Then threw it away.
Third – build the lifestyle where my clothes started costing more than a months salary. Vacations costed more than the current annual salary of those I went to school with, and now while they hate, their moms touch themselves looking at my gram.
Fourth and current – instead of me paying money and buying such clothes, get those same companies to pay me to wear their clothes. Why? Because they will benefit more from me than I ever did from them. My sponsorships have started, allowing me to not just be paid to wear shit but also make it cheaper for everyone else (indispensable will always win negotiation)
Fifth and future – iconic and indispensable to a point where I’ll design and sell my own clothes, because I believe in my taste and quality more than anyone else’s. Manufacturers will fight to produce my shit.
Brothers, enough of you crying over women. Build your life, build a lifestyle that you get paid to live. I wasn’t born this way, you’ve heard from me in the Meetups. According to my Penis Pyramid theory (on my YouTube) I want you to now start focusing on higher levels of living – especially in the physical world, outside of your spirituality and self improvement. Success in the physical MATERIAL world. Because guess what? #moneytalks
I’ve already made the first video on my YouTube on how to get rich, and I’ve added 3 books to my website (link in bio) that you should get. They helped me crack the difference between the rich and the poor, and allowed me to build my own path towards my own definition of success, and will do the same for you.
Get them, read them, thank me later.
Comment below with your number success tip, come on share it, give more than you can get.